Aisha (ra) stated that, “I raced with the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasallam  and I beat him. Later, when I had put on some weight, we raced again and he won. Then he said,  “This cancels that (referring to the previous race.)”  ~Sahih Bukhari~

Whether you have taken up running to lose weight, to improve fitness, to relieve stress, to compete, or just to kill time, you’ll find that the benefits are many. Keep in mind, though, that there are few universal truths to running. Everything depends on the individual, and techniques that some runners swear by might not be right for you. It’s not terribly complicated: the only hard and fast rule to running is that you simply keep putting one foot ahead of the other. Running is a sport of discipline, sometimes of sacrifice, and always of self-reliance (of course with the aide and guidance of Allah). You may surprise yourself with your capacity for all three. The personal rewards can be quite powerful.

Weekly Schedule

Location: Cheney Stadium

Address: 741 Connally St Atlanta Ga 30315

Time: 7:00 pm


Members meetup and run/walk for 30 – 45 min. Followed by some strength exercise and stretching.

Run options include:

  • 3 mile route along the road to grant park and back to cheney stadium.
  • Run/walk on track
  • Hill work
  • Speedwork

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Location: Candler Park (Location alternates)

Address: 1500 McLendon Ave Atlanta Ga 30312

Time: Meetup: 7AM Run: 7:15AM

Daylight Savings

Meetup: 6:45AM Run:7:00AM


Members meetup for our weekly long run/walk. Long runs range in times from 1 hour – 3 hours. (Time depends on current training program) The long run is followed by stretching.

Our default locations is Candler Park (See notification tab to be added to notification list), however we alternate location and host.

In order to be host:

  • Run/Walk consistently for 1 month with the group.
  • Selet a route that is a minimum of 5 miles
  •  Time you select should be between sunrise and 10am with a maximum of 2 hours blocked off.
  •  Notify Muslimahs Endure by Thursday with your location, route, and time.
  • Print route for runner/walkers.

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