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WOW, there is no better way to have a complete and balanced life!

Siting in worship early one morning hearing a conversation on planning and scheduling a total body workout for women only got my attention. It encouraged me to take charge of my health and fitness.

Workouts included muscle toning, how to walk/run, swimming, bike riding and more. Each week I looked forward to our intense team workout. I wouldn’t want to be without the added life energy.

Thanks to Muslimahs Endure I am headed in the right direction. Geneva A. Saleem

ME Member since July 2014, Age 59

Muslimahs Endure has really been a lifeline for me. I have enjoyed being active and working out since I was young, but after juggling work, kids, and marriage, my own personal fitness goals often took a distant backseat.

I first began with ME by volunteering.  I enjoyed hanging out and meeting other Muslim sisters, and this was a large part of my motivation. However, seeing other Muslim women work towards their fitness goals and hearing their loving encouragement really inspired me to make time for my own self, and I learned this last year that I really enjoy running and that my family benefits from a healthier, happier wife and mother.

Muslimahs Endure has given me the support and confidence to run for me and understand the importance of making my fitness goals a priority in my life. Aliyyah Salam-Abdullah

ME Member since Jan. 2015, Age 36

Participating in Muslimahs Endure events has given me freedom from any previous doubts, insecurities, or hesitations. The first day I went to train I felt skeptical because I knew I was out of shape and I did not want to feel self conscious because I was slower than everyone but once I started I noticed this group creates an environment of pure empowerment.

For me, what really did it was the coach, Nura Goodson, she kept reminding me that the only competition is myself and move at my own pace: those few words allowed me to run harder each time to beat my personal records and the change I seen not only in my physical but mental was amazing! Kaamilyah Sabir

ME Member since May 2016, Age 24

Muslimahs Endure is dedciated to providing women with the encouragement, motivations, and tools needed to reach their fitness goals.


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