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Since 2014

About Us

A truly health conscious person blends diet, nutrition and exercise with the remembrance of God and an intention to fulfil all their religious obligations.

Our story

  • Founded in July 2014 as Muslimahs Run, Immediately after Ramadan 1435.
  • Our group runs would rotate across 5 Masjids: Al-Qur’an, Masjid-Al-Mu’minun, Atlanta Masjid, West End, and Al-Farooq. Our first run was at Masjid Al-Qur’an with 6 participants who walked 1 mile in the rain. The 6 participants:
    1. Geneva El-Amin
    2. Nura Goodson
    3. Safiyyah Sabir
    4. Ramona Hasan
    5. Munah Sabir
    6. Ayana Wisdom Baldwin
  • September 2014: Participated in our first group race: Mohammed Schools’ Race for Education formerly known as the Muhammad Ali Road Race.
  • November 2014 we traveled to our first runcation (vacation with running): Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon and 5k – Savannah. We ran with  Muslimahs on the Run.
  • Established our Swim Program. To date, we have serviced approximately 200 women. With a 200% increase in participation from 2015/2016 to 2017/2018.
  • Established Cycling Program
  • Hosted our inaugural WOW RUN 5k in collaboration with Singapore (the founders of the WOW Run) and 3 other countries: Malaysia, Botswana, and Australia
  • Established Rijaal Runners as our brother organization.
  • Created the first all Muslim Ragnar Team. We participated in Atlanta Ragnar Trail Relay.
  • Participated again in the Atlanta Ragnar Trail Relay. But this year we eared the Overall Team Favorite Award. 
  • Established paid membership.
  • Established our Walk Program
  • Developed a new initiative, FitME: The fitME program promotes fitness activities that are not “endurance” training but supports holistic health such as Strength Training and African Dance.
  • Established Mini ME and Rijaal Runners Jr. – With 7 coaches we were able to service 32 young runners over a 12 week period. Preparing them to run the Mohammed Schools’ Race for Education 5k, 1-mile fun run, and 50m dash. Our youth program first group race was also our first group race!!

“Finally, An environment Where Muslimahs feel comfortable and safe engaging in physical activities. “

Our mission is to promote holistic health, fitness, and modesty through endurance sports.

Our vision is to create safe and comfortable spaces where all women have the choice to pursue and engage in any physical activity and/or sport that will improve their quality of life without compromise. 

Popular Programs

Run Program
Cycle Program
Run Program
Walk Program
Swim Program

Make a Change

Member Lead Organization

Muslimahs Endure is a grassroots organization dedicated to providing fitness opportunities to women and their families. Our work is informed and driven by the needs of our members and the community. It is our intention to operate in a way which removes any barriers to participation. 


Nura Goodson

Executive Director

Ramona Hasan

Membership Coordinator

Safiyyah Sabir

Program Coordinator

Asha Hagood

Volunteer Coordinator

Sahirah Khabeer

Run Program Coordinator

Ajeenah Carroll

Run Group Lead

Zanaida Wakatama

African Dance Instructor, Moyo Cultral Arts,

Raihana Mohammed

Swim Program Coordinator

Ramona Condell

Lead Swim Instructor

Kaisha Ogilive

Swim Instructor

Bushra Malik

Cycle Group Lead

Safiyyah Sabir


Sabreen Mateen


Ramona Hasan


Sahirah Khabeer


Ajeenah Carroll


Nura Goodson



Holistic Health.Fitness.Modesty

Muslimahs Endure

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday - Walk

Thursday - Cycle

Sunday - Run, Mini ME, Swim