Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a runner, can I walk?

Yes, Muslimahs Endure welcome all fitness level. Many of our members walk/run, while a lot of sole sisters(senior members) walk.

Can I bring my child(ren)?

Yes, many of our members bring their child(ren) with them. As we run, mashallah,  children enjoy playing and spending time with each other on the track. They are usually watched by the sole sisters or the coach. With enough interest we can bring in child care, inshallah.

Is their training available to get me ready for my race?

Yes, Muslimahs Endure train for each group event. Their is no fee, but we do ask for donations if possible. Personal run coaching is available for a fee.

What is the fee to join Muslimahs Endure?

It is FREE for to join Muslimahs Endure and participate in our weekly run/walk and cycle meetups. However, there is a fee to swim. If a member require personalized training or joins one of our training program there will be a fee associated.

If I want to participate in a group event, am I required to travel/lodge with group?

No. It is not required that you travel or lodge with the group. It just makes the expereince a lot more fun. If you want to join a team but are not able to travel with us contact us. Email us at or call us at 909-49FORME (36763)

Can I showup to an event with out notifying ME through teamer?

Yes, however be sure to check our event calendar to be sure the event have not been cancelled.

How do I know if an event have been cancelled?

There are two ways:

  • Check our events calendar
  • Subscribe to teamer for each sport you would like to participate and you will be notified of any last minute changes
How do I stay informed about new things happenning at Muslimahs Endure

There a a couple of ways to stay up-to-date on the various activites:

Visit our website

Click here to join our newletter

Join our Teamer notification, so that you are directly notfitied of weekly events and meetups for either swimming, run/walking, or cycling.

Check our Google Calendar 

Visit our Facebook Page

Is this group only for Muslim Women

No, Muslimahs Endure tries to create an enviroment that is inclusive to all women regardless of religion, age, size, ethinicity and fitness level.

I support this organization, but walking/running, cycling, or swimming is not for me. How can I still be involved?

Consider volunteer, it is a great way to stay connected with our organization. Also, consider giving a donation, or sponsoring one of our members to participate in one of our yearly group events.

To sponsors one of our memebers contact us via email at or call us at 909-49FORME (36763)