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Alhumdulillah, Allah has blessed us to see another solar year! And with the new year comes new goals, including new fitness goals. Walking and running is an awesome way to get fit and stay fit. It is an exercise that have stood the test of time. But often times it can seem “boring”. Why not give it a little excitement by preparing for a road race. 

But before you commit to a race here are a couple of things to consider:


Training takes commitment and consistency.  Most training plans are usually 8-, 12-, 16- or 20-weeks long. The length will depend on the distance of your goal race and your current fitness level. When deciding on a race make sure you have at least 30 min to 1 hour three times per week to properly prepare you for your selected race. Need help training? Muslimahs Endure offer training programs to fit your needs. Click here to contact us to see how we can help your reach your race goals.

TRAINING PARTNER                

Training can be easier and much more fun with a training partner or a group. A training partner serves multiple purposes as they are a continuous source of motivation, but also they will hold us accountable on the days when it is hard for us to show up. Looking for a group? Try these local run groups (click on the name to learn more):


Running/walking is free but racing fees can add up. Tip number one is plan ahead. Registration fees increase the closer that you get to a race, so registering early is optimal. If you are still not convinced that paying to walk/run is worth it, know that most road races give free performance t-shirts, so think of it as paying for cool workout gear. Not to mention that majority of road races are raising money for a good cause. Still not convinced? Consider joining Atlanta Track Club, for a yearly membership fee you will have the opportunity to participate in 8 FREE events.


Set Goals that Motivate YOU. When you set goals make sure that they are important to you and that there is value in achieving them. While some may have the goal to run faster and achieve a PR (personal record) others may have the goal to simple finish the race and cross the finish line. Remember, if it is not something that YOU want it will be hard to show up on those days when working out is the last thing on your mind. Need help finding a goal race? Check out our 2017 Event Calendar below.

Introducing ME Racing Series

Complete all 5 events to earn special award and recognition at 2017 ME Celebration

Men -vs Women 400m Relay – May 6, 2017
Run with ME: Global Run Day – June 7, 2017
Runiversary 5k – June 29, 2017
Road Race for Education – September 4, 2017
WOW Run 5k – October 15, 2017

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