The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to the people. [Source: al-Muʻjam al-Awsaṭ 6192]

Whether you volunteer for swag, to meet new runners/walkers, get a great view of the action, stay connected when not able to run/walk, or simply to give back to a great sport  you’ll find that the benefits are many.  Volunteering at a running race can inspire you to sign up for a race or push yourself harder in your next one. Most road races couldn’t happen without volunteers, so you’re providing a vital service. You’ll also better appreciate the volunteers the next time you’re out there running/walking.

Volunteer Opportunities

Come out a volunteer with Muslimahs Endure. Join your sisters as we give back to a sport and community that has given us so much. Consider volunteering at one or all of our volunteer opportunities. COMING SOON!

Volunteer with ME

Throughout the year  Muslimahs Endure participates in various volunteer opportunities such as passing out water to thirsty runners/walkers, prepping race packers, course marshalls, feeding the hungry and cleaning Maasjid.  If you would like to become a part of our volunteer team please CLICK HERE sign up for our newsletter.  Be the first to hear about all of our volunteer opportunities.  Keep in mind, you can unsubscribe at any time should you wish to stop receiving our communications.

Join our team

Volunteers are a huge part of Muslimahs Endure. We rely on our volunteers for numerous projects, without the support of our volunteers and community we would not exist.  Muslimahs Endure is looking for individuals to fill key leadership roles within our organization.  

Run Lead

Muslimahs Endure run leads are volunteers who lead weekly group runs. They assist participants to safely and comfortably reach their run goals by offering continual support and encouragement while enforcing Muslimahs Endure’s mission to promote holistic health, fitness, and modesty through endurance sports. Run leads must be enthusiastic and consistent! 

Mini ME Coach

New this year, Muslimahs Endure will be working with our young ladies introducing them 

Social Media Coordinator

We are looking for a coordinator to create and maintain a strong online presence for Muslimahs Endure. Also, sending out the monthly newsletter. 

Membership Coordinator

The membership coordinator will be responsible for providing assistance to the members of Muslimahs Endure and perform tasks such as promoting products and services, answering to questions, taking phone calls, managing correspondence, and giving instructions to members. Their main purpose is making members feel welcome and well-attended.


Muslimahs Endure is looking for enthusiastic and energetic to help promote our mission of promoting holistic health and help us to ensure that our vision of fostering a healthy Islamic enviroment for Muslimahs to excel in competition or recreation.


Volunteer Leadership Team

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