Walking vs running.  There is a difference of opinion on whether running is better than walking. It is true you expend approximately 2.5 times more energy while running than you do walking which allows you to cut down the time spent exercising to produce similar results. But there are some indisputable facts that both provide similar benefits such as strengthen your bones and muscles, improve mood, improve balance and coordination, and prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.  Walking also put less stress on your body, it is easier on the knees, hips, heels, shins and back. So turn your normal walking pace into a brisk walking pace and inshallah reap some major health benefits.

Weekly Schedule

Walking Milestones

Our official members will start off as an ambler (walker) and progress through the various milestones throughout the year. How far will you get before our season ends in October?

Find Muslimahs Endure on your favorite app for constant motivations from ME members near and far. Be sure join our Strava club for friendly competition, see how you rank amongst your sisters each week.


Check out what our ME members are doing in our Strava club. Who walked the longest? Who walked the farthest? Who climbed the highest elevation?